Retention rates. Employee engagement. Sustainable practices. Building meaning and purpose. These are concepts that too often live on paper and given lip service, but aren’t brought to life in company culture. Our blog is dedicated to breaking down these topics into actionable ideas for the day-to-day workings of your company — topics designed to dovetail with our podcast and discussion guides.

Tap Into Your Icons To Transform Your Culture Explore the possibilities of transforming your company’s culture by tapping into your greatest internal resource. Your company’s “Icons” are those team members who exemplify your company’s values. Utilizing these key players within your company can kickstart a constructive cultural shift within your organization….
Excerpt from The Search for Meaning at Work: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Purpose to Engage and Fulfill Your Workforce by Steve Van Valin, SVP of Culture Transformation Sometimes, we have serendipitous events in our lives that provide purpose and meaning. One morning, Anne Mahlum, who worked for a political watchdog group in Philadelphia, was on her usual run…
Concinnity Partners Jennifer Ayres and Samantha Collins sit down with Algorithmic Intuition, Inc. AI2 CEO Dan Brown and CRO William Glover to discuss how sensors and machine learning will transform Remote Patient Monitoring for the growing elder care market.  AI2 provides an Eldercare monitoring system that combines machine learning / artificial intelligence software and specialized sensors to create an…
By: Keiko Tomasini-Hagino, Strategic Advisor Lisa Insley, Partner Perfectly aligned harmonies and dynamic sound is what one experiences when the symphony orchestra fills the concert hall with the beauty of music. Yet, the beauty is not created only through the work of highly trained professionals simply playing the written score. Nor is it about the brilliant conductor guiding them….

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