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Senscient is the trusted partner of choice for leaders of mid-market to Fortune 500 companies who are seeking to conquer urgent and pervasive challenges. We understand the obstacles that significantly affect their people, hinder progress, and limit growth and profitability. Together, we rise above these challenges.

What sets Senscient apart from other enterprise-level management consulting firms and organizational learning and development firms is our unique perspective. We bring a fresh lens to change management and culture shaping. Our approach goes beyond merely managing change; we empower our clients to become fluent in change and intentional culture shaping.

We possess an unwavering curiosity about people and a passion for driving meaning at work. This fuels our ability to deliver innovative solutions, bold actions, and remarkable results. Our clients experience enhanced employee fulfillment, operational efficiency, and renewed innovation. We inspire them to think differently, act courageously, and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Business Transformation Consulting

Change Management

A change management program will define clear expectations for how a shift in culture creates an advantage for an organization and the individuals within it. We start with ensuring alignment around the vision, identify the desired to-be behaviors, and capture the tactical steps to achieve those behaviors.

The earliest activities focus on engaging key leaders and developing a cultural council to participate in crafting the vision, which will drive ownership and early adoption of the new values.

From these engagement activities, a cultural narrative is built that identifies elements to “Stop, Start, Keep” from the existing culture and set expectations for behaviors and beliefs that will lead to success and drive alignment on the culture change strategy.

Leadership Upskilling

Leadership upskilling is the process of enhancing and developing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals in leadership positions within an organization. It involves providing targeted learning and development opportunities to help leaders improve their effectiveness, adapt to changing business environments, and drive positive change within their teams and the organization as a whole.

Leadership alignment is imperative to understand expectations, business goals and strategies. Our work will reveal friction points so that we can help remove the barriers for companies trying to move forward.

Leadership engagement is critical throughout the program for a successful shift in culture. The earliest activities focus on engaging key leaders and cultural council to participate in crafting the vision, which will drive ownership and early adoption of the new values. From these engagement activities, we build a cultural narrative, identify elements to “Stop, Start, Keep” from the existing culture, set expectations for behaviors and beliefs that will lead to success, and drive alignment on the culture change strategy.

Sample course modules include:

When you want to elevate your managers to be better leaders, call us. During a discovery workshop, we’ll identify leader behaviors. We’ll then design a curriculum that addresses your team’s unique behavior change needs. These changes are then reinforced with group or one-on-one coaching.

Employee Engagement

A large part of improving employee engagement is bringing leaders along for the ride. We do this by facilitating leadership workshops that define the critical behaviors in the new organizational model that support the future “ways of working.” Follow-up sessions establish and communicate project governance. These workshops are the foundation for building the Change Narrative or the “Why.”

During these projects, we conduct focus groups with select business leaders and employees to help identify how employees can be successful in the future state (and identify barriers to success). We document employee experience touchpoints and identify which ones are a priority for the deployment of the new organizational model.

Corporate Restructuring

In our experience, the difference between acquisitions that thrive and those that stumble comes down to thoughtful planning and meticulous execution. That is, unlocking the value of the transaction by rigorously tending to the details of the deal.
Is it a Merger or an Acquisition? Education, communication, and robust change management throughout the entire M&A transaction enable success.
The stages during which we can help in the M&A lifecycle include:

Some of the activities we do in the early stage of M&A include:

Culture Shaping

Culture shaping refers to the deliberate and strategic process of influencing and transforming the shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms within an organization.

Culture is like the DNA of a company. It represents the collective personality, character, and identity of the organization. It encompasses the unwritten rules, customs, and traditions that guide how people think, act, and interact with one another. Culture influences everything from the decision-making process to the way employees collaborate and engage with customers.

Our structured process includes:

Ask us about our proprietary assessment that delivers significant insights coupled with a leadership action plan.

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Business Coaching

We’re big fans of coaching and teaching people how to coach and give feedback to each other. We model the coaching framework in real-time, adjust, and correct behavior, then empower leaders to teach others. Our deep bench of coaches has experience with every level of employee from first-time managers to long-standing executives.

Individual Coaching

There are times and cases for one-on-one coaching, and we’re happy to do that. During our individual, executive coaching engagements, we nurture those critical leadership skills to accelerate innovation and generate peak performance for your key people.

Group Leadership Coaching

Our group coaching programs foster shared meaning and purpose to drive collaboration across disciplines. By learning in real time and creating action plans, your leaders can unlock potential and breakthrough performance at all levels.

Online Leadership Learning

With input from our clients, we’ve developed an engaging and empowering online leadership learning program. Each course is designed to enhance the acquisition of management skill sets with some combination of on-demand learning, facilitated peer groups, and coaching.

Our current curriculum includes:

Listening Lab

Activating the most essential skill and mindset for building relationships and elevating your talent.

Recognition & Appreciation

How to nourish respect and belonging with a gratitude mindset.

Cultivating a Coaching-Rich Environment

Growing performance capacity with high-impact communication.

Ask us about leadership training and coaching you would like to experience. We have over 20 courses in development now.

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Every company is, in some way, facing challenges brought on by hybrid work, quiet quitting, generational differences, AI threats and wins, a general decrease in engagement year over year, and surviving a recession.

Our assessments help identify barriers to team performance then we develop plans to get you “unstuck.” Our questions are uniquely determined based on organizational needs and meant to uncover “unconscious dynamics” that contribute to less than optimal performance. Answers illuminate issues that occur in the seam and bring visibility to systemic needs.

Employee Engagement Assessment

Using this assessment, we are able to help leaders generate a holistic view of engagement in their organization including metrics such as a NPS (Net Promoter Score).  We also include focus group activities to uncover insights that will help leaders pull together action plans so they can unlock the magic of their teams.

Culture Health Check Assessment

Often, leaders are seeing the result of a culture issue but aren’t clear on what’s driving the issue or what behaviors need to be modified.  This assessment allows us to get specific on what barriers are creating impediments to growth and innovation. The output allows our team to craft recommendations to address those immediate challenges and then measure progress.

Change Impact Assessment

This assessment outlines the effects a change will have on individuals, organizations, systems, and processes. Its purpose is to assess and prioritize the seriousness of these effects and establish a well-defined strategy to effectively manage the changes.

Change Readiness Assessment 

This readiness assessment serves as a valuable tool for leaders to comprehend potential risks and identify specific areas that demand attention in the period leading up to the change. It is a comprehensive evaluation that offers valuable insights into the readiness for change, commonly conducted prior to the system implementation’s “go-live” or in anticipation of the integration of a merger.