Senscient is a Unique Change Management Consulting Firm

We Are Experienced

We are a team of accomplished people with diverse backgrounds and proven successes. Our relentless curiosity about people—and how organizations need them to succeed—drives us to generate best-in-class solutions. Our innovative solutions have helped our clients’ companies realize exceptional results in employee engagement, operational efficiencies, and renewed innovation.

We Are Flexible

We flex our solutions to meet our clients where they are today. We specialize in joining forces and riding beside our clients to prevail over the urgent and pervasive challenges they face. Together, we overcome the obstacles that significantly impact their people, impede processes and progress, and diminish growth and profit.

We Are Outcome Driven

Our senior-level team designs and delivers deliberate, calibrated engagements that optimize meaning at work for every individual and ignite peak performance throughout the organization.

What Matters To Us

Amplify Meaning

We believe in the power of purpose to inspire engagement and nurture a high-performance team.

Shape Culture

By identifying the winning attributes of your workforce, you can create an unstoppable marketplace advantage.

Breakthrough Change

We believe in activating momentum toward your most audacious goals and hairy challenges.

Who is Senscient?

Get to know our delivery executives providing the strategic guidance and expertise needed to navigate your organization’s complex challenges. With more than a century of combined change management and culture-shaping experience, they can help your team define and achieve strategic outcomes and ensure the successful execution of tactical deliverables. Grappling with human complexities and forging breakthrough transformational change is their specialty. This emotional intelligence, combined with experience and credentials, is the key to driving exceptional and sustainable outcomes for your organization.

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Jennifer Ayres, CEO

Jennifer has served as a trusted advisor and executive coach for leaders of Fortune 500 companies, helping them address leadership development, team effectiveness, and transformation agenda for over 20 years. Her expertise is in assisting leaders to articulate and align on a mission and vision, and she works closely with their teams to realize these goals. Jennifer is skilled at working with diverse stakeholders to identify and implement the changes needed in culture, capabilities, processes, and technologies to achieve exceptional business outcomes. Jennifer spent a year in Japan as a Fulbright scholar and developed a life-long passion for learning about and embracing different cultures through immersive experiences.

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A Few Favorite Things

Steve Van Valin, SVP of Culture Transformation

Steve designs and executes winning culture and employee engagement strategy. He is a purpose-driven thought leader with a heart for advocating for people at work and improving their shared experiences at work.

Steve leads the practice of building “Culture Fluency” for clients through articulating Leading Principles, activating employee engagement, fostering high-performance collaboration, and designing Senscient Learning curriculum. He is also the author of The Search for Meaning at Work, Unleashing the Hidden Power of Purpose to Engage and Fulfill Your Workforce.

Steve is a talented and Vistage International-certified keynote speaker known for sparking insights and inspiring action through an upbeat, positive, and creative style.

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Jenn Cyr, Engagement and Delivery Lead

Jenn is a dedicated, doctoral-level professional with 15+ years of professional experience in Human Resources, Organization Development, and Consulting. She has proven expertise in organizational diagnosis, survey design and delivery, and providing actionable feedback. She is an effective facilitator who excels at building relationships and influencing change across multiple levels and teams.

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