Senscient’s Change Management Coaching

Strategies for developing and keeping your human capital

When your front-line supervisors lack leadership ability and don’t develop their teams, what could possibly go wrong?

Imagine instead that the supervisor’s high-impact role is championed right from the start with intensive on-boarding emphasizing empowerment and collaboration.

When you are losing your best talent and are challenged to attract new talent, especially Millennials, how will that impact the future of your business?

Imagine instead fostering an environment where people perform at their best, feel respected, and desire to stay.

How Does Coaching Fit Into Senscient’s Change Management Ethos?

You didn’t learn “how to manage people” in school. Or from your parents, mentors or friends. We’re all just trying our best to figure it out, right? 

Sometimes a change management coach is just what we need. To push our edges, challenge our entrenched (or limiting) beliefs. To get us to problem solve differently. Or to see another way around or through a challenge. And the best coaches do just that: guide, nurture and push (just enough) to bring out the best in us. The best version of who we want to be.

Why Is Change Management Coaching Important?

Change management coaching is a personal development tool and learning method that fosters self-awareness, facilitates transformative growth, and offers valuable support and encouragement. Our professional coaching program aims to establish a collaborative bond between the change management coach and the leader, tailoring the experience to accommodate the busy schedules of executives in bite-sized and right-timed coaching feedback.

Our Change Coaching Services Include

Individual Change Leadership Coaching

Designed for agile leadership success

Depending on what is needed for your situation, we will co-create a successful change management coaching strategy that is right-sized for your team, your culture, and keeping in mind the limited time busy leaders have. Some examples include:

Executive Coaching:

We pair organizational leaders and project managers with an Executive Change Management Coach for monthly sessions during which we cover topics for organizational change ranging from emotional intelligence, team dynamics, cultural nuances, DEI, career growth, and cross functional relationship building with executive peers.

Onboarding Key Talent:

By dedicating a coach to new talent, this frees up your hiring manager from the onboarding process. In just one session per month, your new people leader can assimilate into their role with fewer hiccups. Over the first six months, we provide confidential support, and enable them to focus on key deliverables faster. Our Onboarding Specialist can customize sessions designed by your LOB leader, Hiring Manager or MD.

New Director or VP Accelerator:

Especially helpful for first time managers, we provide 1:1 support for this “big step” of leading a function vs. leading people. Our Executive Coach meets with your new leader during their first six months in their new, key role and teaches both leading and middle management dynamics. We facilitate individualized change initiatives like career visioning and offer leadership development assessments such as Hogan, CPI260, MBTI, andTKI (conflict style) so these new leaders can better understand themselves and how they want to lead.

Other change initiative programming includes:

High-Potential Coaching:  4-6 sessions, Career Visioning, Professional Development Assessments*

Manager Cohort Coaching (Agile): 4 sessions, Cohort of 10-15 Leaders,  Assessment Delivery*

Assessment Delivery: Targeted Assessment Delivery with 2 Coaching Sessions provides Talent Insights

* provides data for Succession Planning

Group Leadership Coaching

Organizational synergy through cross-functional relationship building

You probably already have some basic L&D in place the past few years, but it may not be what new people leaders need to succeed. Or maybe it’s time veteran leaders get a refresher on a coaching plan. We can leverage group coaching to enable all levels of leaders to be the best they can be. Some examples include:

Innovation Accelerator:

Employees present a customized innovation challenge in a team meeting via a crowd-sourced experience to solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities. This leverages the collective wisdom and diverse perspectives of the company. People at all levels get to work through a facilitated creative process. The flow of the outline consists of identifying the challenge, ideation, execution steps, and ownership. 

Culture Accelerator:

Senior team members nominate employees in their orgs who represent high-potential performers who are models of the company culture. The small group of 8 to 10 people are given accelerated leadership development on key culture-shaping disciplines for the future state of the company. 

The group also serves as counsel to vet culture-shaping priorities from survey data, refine the clarity of messaging, and other ideas to positively influence the culture from the inside out through their roles.. The team has a 12-month life cycle and repeats with new nominees the following year. We co-create program setup, guidance in the selection process, participant onboarding, discovery of culture priority initiatives, and advanced training on key culture themes that tie/align to values.

Leadership Enablement Training and Reinforcement Coaching:

This training addresses desired behaviors in support of company values and business objectives to achieve organizational change. The outcomes are reinforced through coach-facilitated sessions with a cross-functional cohort of employees. We believe no one is ever “misbehaving” but acting in what they think is the best. This coaching fosters a feedback loop to stop what’s not working and start healthy and meaningful choices for change success.

Have you considered coaching? One-on-one or group? We can tailor-fit a program to suit your company situation and needs.

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