The Search for Meaning at Work

Engagement today is the great differentiator setting apart firms that thrive from those that falter. So why are so many business leaders unprepared to deliver the type of culture and leadership that infuses the work experience of their employees with purpose and meaning?

The Search for Meaning harnesses Steve Van Valin’s robust set of actionable tools to meet the talent challenge head-on, offering leaders and managers at all levels the keys to engagement. Without purpose, there is no meaning, and without meaning there is no true engagement. For many employees and their managers, the purpose that drives an employee’s motivation to work remains hidden; as a result, employees are disengaged, leaving managers and leaders frustrated as they search for answers.

Companies with high levels of employee engagement have 40 percent less turnover, half the absenteeism rate, and double the net profit compared to companies with low engagement.

Stephen Van Valin

Building on the research of Harvard professor Dr. Teresa Amabile and others, Van Valin’s model is based on eleven “Amplifiers of Meaning.” Van Valin’s approach is a confident and creative challenge to leaders to think differently – with greater empathy for the power of purpose and meaning in people’s lives.